12/24 Volt Refrigeration Systems

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The Tradewinds is designed to be used with wind power, solar panels, and lots of battery back up. When fitted with the Engine Drive system it will extend the time between engine operation. Recommended for use with one holdover plate in a well insulated box. The TW has ducted air cooling and a water cooling option is available to allow the selection of air or water cooled operation.

Technical Data
  Tradewinds Tradewinds XP
Voltage 12 Volt 12 Volt
Fuse Size 15 Amps 30 Amps
Maximum amp draw (air 90° F.) 5.6 Amps 7.7 Amps
Draw@ medium speed  3.4 Amps 5.4 Amps
Draw @ low speed 2.6 Amps 4.5 Amps
BTUs @ max speed (ASHRE) (evaporator -10° F.) 250 BTUs 363 BTUs
Water pump (optional) .8 Amps .8 Amps
For 24 volt operation, divide all amperage figures by half.

See the BD 12/24 Volt Refrigeration Systems page for more information.