Ice Tray Kits

Ice-making trays are an option with all systems and are specially made to expand when the water freezes to ice. Designed for both refrigerator and freezer applications, the trays hang on the vertical sides of the cold plate in contact with its surface. The price is $ 115.00 for a vertical ice tray kit, each kit includes two vertical trays and splines, mounting rod and clips.

Stainless Steel Ice Tray Dividers

The ice tray dividers in the ice trays have been changed to a stainless steel part. They will not float like the old plastic style dividers, and they also conduct "cold" better to make ice cubes faster.

Making Ice In Our Vertical Trays

How to make ice is always a question with vertical trays. The trays are special in the Sea Frost system. The trays are made in two halves glued together with a stretching rubber strip. They expand as they freeze. This prevents damage that would bend and break a solid metal tray.

To Make Ice

Fill your tray with water. Wet the side opposite the rubber bar to increase the thermal contact with the cold plate. Hang the tray on the hanger against the plate.

When the water has frozen, pull (or pry with a butter knife or spatula) the tray away from the plate. Do not pull hard on the outer section of the tray or the rubber may tear. Allow the tray to sit in the sink until the outside is defrosted and wet. Slide the brick of ice out into an ice bucket, bowl or plastic bag. Wait a few more minutes for the cubes to release from the divider.


Store ice in the refrigerator in zip lock bags for instant access.

To prevent rapid melting of the ice cubes, harvest the ice when it is made before the holdover plate warms up.

An ice bucket and ice pick are great additions. You can leave the divider out and break the ice brick into baby bergs for massive drink chilling.

Don't leave your trays full of water if they are going to partially freeze and thaw. This will over stretch them and may cause them to leak. Enjoy!

Kit includes two stainless steel trays with stainless steel inserts, mounting rod, and clips. Price: $135.00