Fan Widget

Plate Mounted Fan Widget

The Fan Widget will clamp to the edge of any of our BD plates. The air can be directed toward the cold plate to scrub cold air away. This effectively increases the plate cooling capacity. The Fan Widget is available in either 12-volts or 24-volts.

The Fan Widget can also blow air up or down in the cabinet to stir the air making the box temperature even from top to bottom.

The 12-volt Fan Widget can be connected to the compressor module fan terminals for operation only when the compressor runs or wired with a fuse and switch to run continuously. Red is positive black is negative.

The 24-volt fan Widget can only be wired with a fuse and switch for continuous operation. Red is positive black is negative. Do not connect a 24-volt fan to the fan terminals on a system running on 24-volts. (The electronic module produces 12-volts regardless of the operating voltage.)

To reverse direction the fan must be turned the opposite direction in the mount.

The bracket allows alternate mounting to the box wall by removing the two machine screws and fastening with # 6 self-tapping screws.