Engine Driven Refrigerator and Freezer Systems

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How it works...

The SEA FROST engine drive system is cold storage refrigeration for offshore cruising which requires the least amount of engine running time. The cold storage method is like having a "replenishing block of ice" and is the best way to refrigerate a boat when a continuous power source is not available. Driving the compressor from the engine rapidly freezes the contents of the holdover plate converting engine power to "cold" directly, an extremely efficient energy transfer. Fast reaction to engine operation provides ice cubes and cold box temperatures to last the whole day.

Schematic Diagram

The Compressor

The 6 cylinder swash plate compressor gives high capacity and smooth performance in a compact housing. An electro-magnetic clutch freewheels until operated by a manual timer switch.

The compressor should be driven with a 5 inch diameter pulley. Although fitted with two sheaves the compressor only needs one belt. The maximum power draw will be less than two horsepower.

The Condenser

The Sea Frost engine drive is water cooled for efficiency. The full flow condenser is PVC with a copper-nickel core. Its non-restricting, no pressure drop design allows installation in the engine raw water line.


The Valve

The V/U, a compact integral part housing the refrigerant controls, replaces exposed valves, tubing, and controls. It provides protection from mechanical damage, maladjustment, salt corrosion, and vibration fatigue.


Sea Frost is complete with all parts necessary for installation and operation except for the engine bracket, engine PTO pulley, and drive belt. The installation kit is detailed enough to include, owners manual, tubing, tube insulation, necessary Swagelok® connectors, compressor hoses, water fittings, panel harness, wire connectors, foam insulation, clear coat spray, tie wraps, mounting screws, refrigerant and spare zinc anodes.

All connections between copper refrigerant lines and components are made with precision Swagelok® double ferrule fittings developed by the Crawford Fitting Co., of Solon, Ohio. These patented brass fittings are engineered and built to exacting tolerances for use in instrumentation and technical research. Though these fittings are expensive, they are chosen for their superior leak-proof performance and simplicity of field installation. Sea Frost Engine Drive maintenance can be performed by the owner. Complete and accurate instructions are included.

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