BG 1000 & BG 2000

Generator Driven Refrigerator/Freezer Systems


bg1000 flat

BG 1000

The Sea Frost BG 1000 is a high capacity water cooled, 134a compressor system that operates on 110 -volt power either dock side or from the boat's onboard generator. The daily operating time is slightly more than the Engine Drive system. It is best fitted to a boat that uses its generator more than the engine. It is installed as a primary unit or with the Engine Drive. The BG 1000 features compact size, remote electrical box and water jacketed compressor cooling.

BG 2000

The Sea Frost BG2000 is designed for boats with either onboard or dockside AC power generation. This powerful refrigerator/freezer system combines holding plates and refrigerant R-404a to obtain ultra cold temperatures utilizing generator power when available. This means minimal daily running time and peaceful evenings with no machinery noise.

Sea Frost uses only the highest marine grade materials and quality construction. The compact, hermetic, one horsepower compressor section is water cooled using a remote pump. The electrical parts are housed in a remote electrical box. Because there's no battery or inverter use, larger freezers are possible.


  BG 1000   BG 2000 BG 2000
Volts AC 115   115 220
HZ 60   60 50/60
Horsepower 3/4   1 1
Height 13"   13" 13"
Width 19"   19" 19"
Depth 8"   8" 8"
Cooling Water Cooled   Water Cooled Water Cooled
Refrigerant 134a   404a 404a
Condensing Unit Weight 64   64 64
Locked Rotor 78   77 43
Amp Draw (Run) 13   15 9

Specifications are subject to change. Contact us for detailed information on application and installation.