BD Data on Amp Draw

These charts refer to American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRE) test points for refrigeration. These parameters are what we call Tropical Conditions. In comparing machines identical conditions must be used. In real world usage Sea Frost performance will exceed this rate because ducted fan and/or pumped water cooling lowers the condensing temperature below these test points.

bd amp

Tech Notes On Compressor Capacity:

Compressor capacity is based on the amount (cubic volume) of refrigerant vapor a compressor can pump and the refrigerant's temperature. The colder the refrigerant (this is the suction side pressure/temperature) the fewer molecules in each stroke of the compressor, therefore capacity can only be determined by displacement and RPM's of the compressor at known refrigerant temperatures when evaporating and condensing.Condensing temperature is important to energy efficiency. The cooler the condensing air or water, the lower the pressure the compressor must overcome to pump. Condensing temperature is directly related to power consumption. Lower condensing temperature/pressure require less energy.   See condenser test data. The standard Sea Frost BD compressor displacement is 2.5 cc's. The BDxp is 3 cc's. Note the motor speed differences. 

bd btu